China Dried Seafood; Dried Sea Cucumbers & Dried Fish Maw.

China Dried Seafood or Chinese Dried Seafood; Dried Sea Cucumbers & Dried Fish Maw.



Wholesale, manufacturer and exporter of China dried seafoods (chinese dried seafood) like dried sea cucumbers, dried fish maw and other types of chinese dried seafood 100% industrial, natural, dry and wild and other products. We are end sellers and Spanish company of chinese dried sea foods with high quality and with the best price for the chinese market. Come to us, you will save much cost, you do not need to ask via any trading company, you will be guaranteed about quality of product, because we are the producer and the exporter of the dried fish maw and dried sea cucumbers in Spain (Europe) and the salted hides from Argentina. We are a company with many years of experience at an international level. This gives us a great knowledge in the Fishing industry, providing everything that the most demanding customer needs, to meet their expectations. We are located in Spain and we have an intra-community operator certificate (Europe) and an EORI certificate as an authorized exporter and importer and we work with the most reputable international Customs agents at the international level, with offices in many countries, to expedite as much as possible the efforts in the exportion of our products to any destination.​ This page is written in English by the large number of Chinese companies that speak English, but our official language is Spanish, but we have no problem communicating with you in English via WhastApp or WeChat in a fluid way in writing.


We are producer and exporter of dried sea cucumbers from Spain. The species in are: Holothuria Tubulosa, Petalus ssp., Curcumaria Frondosa and Holothuria Polii. In this moment We are exporting from Spain to Canada, Mexico, Japon, China and Hong Kong. 100% Fishing wild waters (WILD) and with soft body and with soft texture. Very pleasant odor and free of salt or sand and without lime, do not have any rest inside, so it’s a totally ready to rehydrate and used. We are the only company in Spain licensed to export dried sea cucumbers..... FOR MORE INFORMATION, "CLICK HERE"


Supplying Dried Fish Maw at very reasonable price from Spain (Europe). We are exporting to China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Canada, with high quality & the best price of the market. Come to us, you will save much cost, you do not need to ask via any trading company, you will be guaranteed about quality of product, because we are the producer and the exporter of the dried fish maw (End Seller). Croaker fish maw, Sea Bass fish maw and other types of dried fish maws...... FOR MORE INFORMATION, "CLICK HERE"


Product: salted steers hides (No cows).
Selection: 70% A / 30% B.
Size: 22 to 35 kilogram (Average 24-25 kgs) per hide (Already trimmed). Origin: Argentina.
Delivery: Sea freight - CFR ASWP
Trimming and cleaning: In freshly is trimmed the ears, muzzle, tail and hooves up to the knee.

Availability is variable, but our stock is 40/50 thousand permanent skins. A first one is totally healthy and zero holes. The second allows 1 to 2 small holes. We lift the batteries at 21 days after salting the last slaughter leather and it is shipped after 30 days. At the customer’s request we add Borax. Skinning is completely mechanical, without a knife. Cattle breeds are Angus and Hereford (The best English breeds). These hides are especially suitable for the manufacture of high quality leathers for leather goods and footwear (top quality). The 40-inch container carries approximately 25 tons, which is about 1,200 hides.

*Thickness approx. 3.5 / 6.5 mm steers (Full substance – unsplited).
*In wet blue of 35 to 45 sqft, average 40 sqft.
*Selection in wet blue: 35% TR1 – 45% TR2 – 20% TR3.
*2 m × 1 m pallets. According to the weight of the hides, but 85 / 90 hides per pallets approx. The container of 20″ maximum 24 MT. 8/9 pallets. The CT. 40″ 27 MT. 8/10 Pallets.

We are also very specialized in producing and supplying different types of semi-precious stones and we can supply rough jade, jade bracelets or bangles, cream soapstones, chrysoprase and other types of semi-precious stones in bulk.

jade bracelets or bangles jade bracelets or bangles

Jade bracelets or bangles

Cream Soapstones Cream Soapstones

Cream and yellow soapstones

chrysoprase chrysoprase

Rough chrysoprase stones

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We can supply also other species and frozen, consult with us:

Mr. Francisco Javier Gutierrez.
GutierrezAleu M.T.
Director & President.
Division: Seafood.
Ubrique, 11600 Cadiz.
Andalucia (Spain).
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